The inspiration and flavors of Pasión are purely from the interior of Mexico. Lupita was born in Mexico City and the recipe for the red came from her mother, who learned it in Mexico City. I came up with the idea for the green after living in Cuernavaca (about 55 miles southwest of Mexico City) to work on my Spanish.

I didn’t truly experience Mexican flavors until I had a chance to live in the interior, and those are the flavors that come through in our salsas and very often in our kitchen at home.

That’s not to slight the comfort food of South Texas and Northern Mexico that I grew up eating, the staples of fideo, beans, tortillas and squash. But very often, the dishes of my childhood in a San Antonio family that lived in Houston had a different flavor profile from the dishes I would experience in Mexico.

Not better, not worse, just different.

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