Our Product

Pasión Salsas blend intense, roasted flavors with a strong but not overwhelming heat, evoking the experience of fresh chiles and vegetables ground together at home.

For the red salsa, we roast tomatoes and chiles just long enough to bring out the natural sugars but short of the point where they would burn. Carefully selected spices round out the flavor. The heat hits in the mid-palate for a straightforward yet complex taste.

The green salsa blends carefully roasted tomatillos, chiles, herbs and spices to deliver a slight burn on the front palate and a a delayed burn on the rear palate.

You can go to an upscale restaurant in Mexico and watch a waiter prepare a fresh salsa tableside using a molcajete, the stone mortar and pestle, or you can grind them yourself.

Or you can pick up a jar of Pasión.

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