Our Story

Pasión Salsas began when the dreams of Lupita Castrejón and Edmund Tijerina united.

Lupita, born in Mexico City and reared in San Antonio, and her mother, Virginia, made a roasted red salsa in their kitchen that was a family favorite, also known as Aunt Vergie’s Salsa.

Meanwhile, Edmund, a journalist by training and an amateur cook, left his newspaper career and opened his own restaurant, which began to sell fresh salsas.

Through some coincidences that could only be described as divine intervention, they met and married in San Antonio. One day, they spoke of their respective ideas in producing salsas. They revived Lupita’s family salsa and Edmund created a roasted green salsa that reminded them both of some of the flavors of the Mexican interior.

Today, Pasión Salsas are in five small gourmet stores in San Antonio and Lupita and Edmund are preparing to expand into other markets.

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